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 What’s an Advance Directive & it’s Benefits?

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 What’s an Advance Directive & it’s Benefits?

Let’s start with the definition of Advance Directive

A living will or durable power of attorney in which a person states his or her wishes regarding medical treatment in the event of mental incompetency or an inability to communicate.

Most people avoid even considering their own mortality conversely we realize death and sickness is a fact of life. Consider a personal experience I faced when after my grandmother was hospitalized following a stroke and was placed on a ventilator with little to no brain activity detected. She did languish in this state for several days and while comatose suffered yet another stroke episode, the doctor contacted me with a prognosis she would likely never recover and that I should consider removing life support!

My grandmother had no living will or advanced directive only me as the beneficiary of her insurance policy. It was up to me to determine what I thought she might do and that felt like too heavy of a burden, as fate would have it she passed before I had to make a decision.

So clearly had there been a directive in place it would have spared me the ambivalence I had when presented with making a choice.

There are certain things to be considered and a comprehensive requirement one should have before entering into such contracts here are just a few.

1. Distinctions between a “living will” vs “durable power of attorney” Advance Directive (Medical Definition) | Living Will vs Durable Power of Attorney – YouTube

2. May require signed agreement between both patient and medical provider

3. Sometimes issues of religion or cultural beliefs may influence both parties involving medical decisions

Finally, be sure to research the pros and cons associated with whatever your decision is relating to Advance Directives or Durable Power Of Attorney, there is a wealth of knowledge found on the internet and social platforms such as Y-Tube.

It is certainly advisable and important that all parties involved communicate and understand the specifics outlined in any contracts acquired to ensure seamless implementation of the desired documented stipulations.

Barbra Bonsu

Barbra Bonsu

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