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Give your residents a better quality of life with medical concierge services.



Housecall Practitioner Services is a medical concierge service, designed specifically for assisted living homes, independent living facilities, personal care homes and retirement communities in Montgomery County, Prince Georges County & Howard County, MD. We provide you with primary care that is holistic and customized to meet the needs of your residents and facility. We help you to closely manage the health of your residents and we institute preventive care measures to keep them healthy and happy. This helps to increase their length of stay at your facility while improving their quality of life.


When residents need healthcare, they should not have to speak to an automated voicemail or wait too long to receive only a few minutes of assessment. We make life easier by bringing the healthcare to your residents location. We provide them with routine visits & evaluations, 24/7 phone access, our 24hr callback guarantee, virtual correspondence and wellness coaching.

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Routine Visits & Evaluations: Your residents receive more time, along with evaluations and follow-ups to identify, diagnose and treat their medical concerns at an early stage. They are also provided with medication refills as needed. 

24/7 Phone Access: You and your residents can speak with a live healthcare provider at any time. 

24hr Callback Guarantee: Your residents are able to speak with a healthcare provider sooner, within 24hrs. 

Virtual Correspondence: We prevent unnecessary waiting, trips to the hospital, and long hospital visits, by allowing for immediate virtual communication with the healthcare team.

Wellness Coaching: Your residents also receive regular wellness coaching to improve their overall health and diet. This results in a healthier and longer lifespan.


Your residents shouldn’t experience schedule conflicts if the personal activities that they enjoy are overlapping with their medical visits. Residents may feel like they are losing their freedom if most of their daily tasks are being scheduled for them. They may be used to living more freely and prefer to coordinate their own appointments. This leads to frustration because they need more freedom, flexibility & convenience.

With Housecall Practicioner Services, your residents will be able to schedule at their own convenience. We provide assistance with scheduling medical visits and visiting residents during their desired dates and times. We take the time to learn and understand the preferences of your residents. We provide them with more freedom and autonomy so that they can be happier and healthier. Residents are able to schedule their medical visits at their own convenience and they are provided with smart reminder systems and in-person time with the healthcare provider to address any concerns or healthcare needs that they may have.


We understand that managing medication is one of the biggest challenges that seniors face. Sometimes they may also forget or refuse to take their medication. We help your residents manage their medication through secured systems and devices that allow them to be more proactive with their healthcare. We utilize wearable smart devices that remind them of their medicinal needs throughout the day. This makes it much easier for both the staff and residents to avoid any issues.

Improve the Relationship Between Your Residents and Your Facility.

A lot of times there may be miscommunication between your facility, the resident and other parties involved. We make communication easier by acting as a liaison between the residents, the family, and staff at your facility. We keep communication lines open to ensure that everyone is informed and satisfied with the residents overall care.

Provide Your Residents With More Physical, Psychological, and Behavioral Support.

Some residents may exhibit behavioral issues which may be caused by side effects of medications or personal problems that lead to disruptive behavior. They may also be struggling with declining cognitive abilities. That is why our team closely follows the health status of the resident to notice any early signs of concern. We also evaluate psychological and behavioral changes that your staff may have missed. That way we can implement solutions to solve these issues.

Keep Your Residents Safe While Keeping Track of Their Progress.

A lot of residents may be at risk of falls, medication side effects, changes in appetite, mental health issues, and other health concerns that may occur. So we provide you with efficient safety prevention measures. We utilize the latest technology for enhanced security and record keeping so we can more effectively monitor the safety of your residents.


With Housecall Practitioner Service, you feel a sense of relief from having a healthcare team at your fingertips that will help you alleviate any concerns and deliver on the needs and expectations of your facility.

By offering our medical concierge at your facility, you can boost your amenities offer and stand out from other facilities. This would also allow you to boost your reputation and attract more residents without having to train more staff.

Through Housecall Practitioner Service, You will see a significant improvement in the overall health and quality of life of your residents. This would lead to increased longevity of residents of your facility.

There is more trust and rapport being established between the facility owners, the patients, the families, our team and the other parties involved. This also leads to a happier and healthier atmosphere in your facility.


“Housecall Practitioner Services has been an invaluable resource for our residents at Whee Care Services Unlimited II Assisted Living facility. They are consistently just a phone call away, promptly addressing any medical needs that arise.

The practitioners at Housecall are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also exceptionally patient and friendly. They prioritize the well-being of our residents and consistently make time to ensure that their medical needs are met. It’s reassuring to know that we can rely on their expertise and dedication. I highly recommend Housecall Practitioner Services for anyone seeking exceptional medical care delivered with compassion and efficiency. They have become an integral part of our community, providing outstanding healthcare services to our residents. Thank you, Housecall, for your unwavering commitment to our residents’ health and happiness.”

Linda Murphy

Whee Care Services Unlimited II

District Heights, MD


Founder of Housecall Practitioner Services

I’m a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Family Health, preventive health and wellness. I’ve been in the field of health for the past 15+ years. I have always had a great passion for taking care of the elderly and alleviating the physical and mental challenges they face. I’m a strong advocate for listening closely to patients to find the best solutions for any problem through effective communication and cooperation. I provide patients with routine primary care visits, acute sickness evaluation & treatment, health risk assessments, and other measures to promote healthy living and longer lifespans. These services are all done within the comfort of the patient’s home or your assisted living space.


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